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Nikon is a Japanese company specializing in optics and imaging products, including cameras, lenses, and other optical equipment. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Nikon is a trusted and respected name in the world of photography. Known for producing high-quality products, it is widely used by photographers, filmmakers, and hobbyists alike.

Z Series

The Nikon Z series is a line of full-frame mirrorless cameras that offer advanced features, high image quality, and a compact design. Ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts, it offers autofocus, high-speed shooting, 4K video and is a top choice for versatile, high-performing cameras.


Vogue is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine known for its coverage of fashion, beauty, and culture. With stunning photography and in-depth interviews, it is a must-read for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals. Vogue sets the standard in fashion journalism and is a trusted source for fashion news.

National Geographic

National Geographic is a monthly magazine covering science, history, geography, and culture. Known for its stunning photography, it offers informative and educational content on the natural world and different cultures. A leading publication in science journalism, National Geographic is a must-read for those passionate about exploring the world.


A worldwide ranking of the world’s best photographers based on the ratings of top professionals and the results of the MyWed Wedding Awards. In MyWed you can find stories of candid photos focused on true love and taken by the world’s most famous photographers. is a wedding planning site with resources and tools for couples. It offers venue and vendor information, inspiration, and a community for users to connect and share experiences. The ultimate destination for effortless and confident wedding planning.